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May 18-21, 2018

Meeman-Shelby State Park, Millington, TN


Because we couldn't have a space-theme without building our own space ships.


Summer Camp - Sooj - Muppets In Space -- It's going to be a great adventure!


YAY! We're throwing a festival! After nearly two decades of involvement in the pagan community, the Flint Witches are throwing their third festival! Come join us as we get our "Summer Camp" on Pagan style!


 Those who are not familiar, the Flint Witches started out as a group of pagans living on Flint Street in Jonesboro, AR. They got involved in the pagan community in Jonesboro, and eventually moved to Memphis. For years they served as host for both Summerland Grove and Southern Delta events in Memphis, as well as many rites of passage. The Flint Witch way is very much a matter of service to the community, with lots of crafting and a nice heaping spoonful of mischief.


 As one would expect, this will not be your average festival. This is PAGAN MUPPETS IN SPACE SUMMER CAMP. Get set to get divided into Houses, compete in all kinds of games, sing around the campfire and welcome the warmer days of May!



Respond to our event page on Facebook to keep up with the goings on! https://www.facebook.com/events/395584007446907/









After our registration cutoff date, festival goers will be sorted into each of our four dorms (based on cabin preferences, of course!), which are also assigned house colors as follows:


Cabin A - Kermit House - Lime Green and Red

Cabin B - Fozzie House - Brown and Pink

Cabin C - Animal House - Red and Purple

Cabin D - Gonzo House - Blue and White


This is important information because there will be a cabin decorating contest for points towards the FLINT WITCH CUP! Much like our favorite fictional wizard, points will be added and deducted as they would be at summer camp. --including BATHROOM INSPECTIONS!-- and the house that has the most points at the end of the festival will get their house and year added to the Flint Witch Cup, along with the bragging rights!


The Ever-Changing Schedule


Don't set your clocks by it yet, because it could change drastically between now and May,

but some of the things we have planned already are:


Camp Orientation (Invoking Your Inner Muppet)

Adult Dance Party

Kid's Dance Party

Baking Contest

Muppet Ritual


Flint Witch House Cup Ceremony



Pirate Costume Contest

Cardboard Pirate Ship Decorating Contest (Each House)

Tug O'War

Capture the Flag

Scavenger Hunt (Adult and Kids!)

Water Balloon Fight (weather permitting)

Messy Twister

Balance Beam Pillow Fight

Kid's Dodge Ball

Mobility-Challenged Twister

Pirate Ship Obstacle Course

Fishing Pole Casting Contest

Pagan Pictionary

Pagan Family Feud


What to bring:


Your inner Muppet

Your sense of Humor


Drums, Board Games, Playing Cards... you know, the things you would bring to summer camp!



1 item for "Potluck Sandwiches" -- if you're coming in from out of town, bring a loaf bread. If you're from in town, bring a package of deli meat, or cheese, or peanut butter, mayo, ketchup ... you get the idea.

Items for the dessert contest on Friday night!

Some kind of fresh fruit

If you have very strict dietary restrictions, we ask that you bring your own meals. Let us know what you're doing.



At least one set of clothes that you can get paint and/or mud on

Historically it rains this weekend in May, so bring boots

The weather is also notoriously unpredictable so cover your bases

Also bug spray, sunscreen, a jacket... you know, the things your parents would pack for you. :)



The beds in the cabins take a twin bedsheet. Bring your own sheets, blankets and pillows

There are heated showers, so bring shower stuff and a towel -- all bathrooms are family bathrooms

It will be around new moon, so bring FLASHLIGHTS and LANTERNS and stuff to shed a bit more light.


Food things:

We dislike doing dishes for dozens of people, so bring your own festival gear and washing stations will be provided.

(This means plate, bowl, CUP, COFFEE MUG, fork, knife, spoon, etc.)

We'll be serving dinner Friday, 3 meals on Saturday and leftovers on Sunday morning

There is a supply of free ice, but not enough fridge space for everyone, so if you bring snacks, bring a cooler

Exceptions will be made for medications and breast milk



We will update this list as we get closer to the date and the specifics unfold.

Click Here to go to our secure registration site


Please enter children with the first adult and continue on to the second screen to add additional adults.



If you'd like to volunteer to help with something, please let us know! We're always looking for a few good helpers!

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